About Us

Welcome to Gestures...a space for gifting love and happiness, for caring and sharing for yourself, your family, your friends and your colleagues.

'Gestures' is a livelihood support and outreach initiative that began in 1999, to promote ethical, sustainable and socially conscious thinking buying of 'community made' products. Today, it is an independent entity that aims to nurture and build upon the journey we have traversed until now. Our logo symbolises the 'tree of life' which connects us with the universe in more than one way.

Most products are made by members of low-income groups from rural and urban India, that we have worked with, directly and indirectly for over two decades. By marketing and reaching these goods to you, we are making a 'gesture of support' to the lives of the many producers - young and old - women, girls, boys, differently abled, mentally challenged, even some elders. We also have products created by our friends and volunteers to support our work in the field.

We are a community enterprise in the real sense of the word as we have set this up with our own earnings, our own human resource, volunteers and infrastructure, no grants, no business partnerships, no venture capitalists or donations...

Since 1999 we have been working with the motto 'small is beautiful', and are slowly now taking small steps into the BIG world wide web space! Join us here and you will find a range of products to meet your different needs and desires.

We hope that you will make 'gestures' a way of life, gifting and giving not only to those around you,but to marginalised people whose products you buy - thus becoming afriendly, happy and supportive consumer.

Lets make Gestures a community enterprise that includes the producers and the buyers as the base of resourcing - a commonly owned and sustainable space for all!

Notes from us:

This website is constantly being uploaded and improved, so excuse us for any glitches and keep coming back or ask us for something you think we may have but you dont see it here.

If you would like a gift voucher please ask for one.

Thanks to our community of producers for their amazing creations. We will share information about all of them soon.

Thanks to all our volunteers and team, especially Saloni Dhawan, Rajat Gupta, Abhishek Rawat, Seema Rajput, Aapurv Jain, Ekhanee Baruah, Arunima Kolavi, Aarti Khare, Gomti didi, Lata Chaudhary, Dubeyji and many other friends and family for enabling this website in the first place, and to all those who continue to help upgrade it.