Welcome to the world of community-made in India
Welcome to the world of community-made in India
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Nei Native

Homemade Ghee made from A2 full cream milk, fresh and without preservatives. 

Ghee (NEI in Tamil) is essential to our cuisine irrespective of which part of India we are from. We use it in our day to day cooking, in making sweets, and on special occasions and festivals we have it in copious amounts. For our mothers and grandmothers making ghee at home was second nature and a dollop of it on roti or rice was a given.

Over time, the emergence of nuclear families, hectic work schedules and fast paced lifestyle led to ghee being made at home a tedious, time consuming process, especially in our big cities.

This ghee is the embodiment of the concept of Farm to Kitchen, delivered to your homes, untouched by machine or additives. 

Shelf life: May be consumed in 6 months from the date of packaging. Ideally store in a cool and dry place.