KOI SUNTA HAI (Someone Is Listening)

KOI SUNTA HAI (Someone Is Listening)

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Journeys with Kumar and Kabir

KOI SUNTA HAI (Someone Is Listening)
by Shabnam Virmani
Language: Hindi, Malwi & English with English Subtitles
Duration: 96 min

About the film: Interweaving the folk music traditions of the mystic poet Kabir with the life and music of the late classical singer Kumar Gandharva, this film searches for that elusive sound, that jhini si awaaz, Kabir urges us to hear. Where does it resonate, that subtle sound? Journeying between folk and classical, oral and written, rural and urban expressions of this 15th century mystic poet of north India, the film finds moments of both continuity and rupture between these disparate worlds.

About the Filmmaker: #ShabnamVirmani, is a documentary film maker and artist in residence at the #SrishtiSchoolofArt, Design and Technology in Bangalore since 2002.Co-founder of the Drishti Media Arts and Human Rights collective, she has directed several documentaries in close partnership with grassroots women’s groups in the country (When Women Unite and Tu Zinda Hai, #Bol series among others) and also co-directed an award-winning community radio program with the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan in Gujarat. #Virmani began her career as a sub-editor in The Times of India in Jaipur in 1987. A few months later she made journalistic history when she filed the Sati story on what happened in Deorala village, #Rajasthan. The next year she won a scholarship to do a Masters degree in Development Communication at the Cornell University, United States. She tried her hand at filmmaking there and her 20-minute #student film"Have a Nice Day," was a personal narrative of her #alienation, as an Indian student trying to come to terms with North American culture. Shabnam Virmani is the director of the#KabirProject. Started in 2003, the Kabir project brings together the experiences of a series of journeys in quest of this 15th century mystic poet in our contemporary worlds. It consists of #documentary films, 2 folk music#videos and 10 music CDs accompanied by books of the #poetry in translation. The films journey into contemporary spaces touched by his music and poetry. In her films, Shabnam juxtaposes the urban and the rural, the Indian and the foreign, the #classical and the #folk, and the secular and the sacred, in their many approaches to Kabir and the search for a universal voice.