Lemongrass Room Diffuser

Lemongrass Room Diffuser

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This little diffuser is just what you need for your home, keep it in your living or bedroom, in your bathroom or even in your car and under your work desk at office. With a cork to diffuse the oil, it is easy to use, ecofriendly and made by resource poor women in Jharkhand.

Lemongrass is a natural oil that is effectively repels mosquitoes and bugs. The oil has a fresh lemony fragrance that keeps the room smelling fresh and fragrant. The oil is also safe to rub on your skin. It is a safer and smells better than the chemical counterpart. Safe for children as well.

For bulk orders and larger sizes of diffusers, please write to gestures.kriti@gmai.com

How to use: Remove the metal cap and replace with the cork cap. The oil will slowly infuse through and give you the fragrance and benefits you need. If you want to use it only at a particular time of the day or night, just remove the cork cap and replace the metal one.