• Community Made Products from India

Community Made Products from India

Lockdown Times

Welcome to our newly reconstructed store during lockdown 2020, when staying home, staying safe and staying compassionate are key words.

When you shop here today, you will make your first steps towards becoming a sustainable consumer. The products you will purchase here will directly support the livelihoods of rural and urban local communities from across India - women, youth, former street kids, disabled adults, domestic violence survivors, artisans, craftspeople and many others committed to sustainable and ethical production.

We invite you to shop now so we can keep supporting our community partners, who are in the most vulnerable positions right now. Each of you will get a lockdown discount on checkout as a solidarity gesture for your support. 

We are also running a Covid Relief campaign and if you are able to, we would be grateful for your donations here https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-kriti-team