Welcome to the world of community-made in India
Welcome to the world of community-made in India
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A2 Gir Cow Ghee

Take only 1 spoon of A2 Gir cow ghee in the morning empty stomach. Then do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes. Have a great day ahead!

This ghee comes to you from Gujarat.


1, A2 Gir cow ghee incorporates vitamin A2, E & D with Omega 3 for our healthy lifestyle. Presence of A2 vitamines helps in treating broken bones.

2, It is benificial in treating insomnia.

3, It decrease bad cholesterol in our body & facilitates excellent circulation.

4, It incorporates healthy fat-soluble vitamins.

5, It helps to promote healthy eyes and happy skin.

6, It helps to treat and cure burns & blisters.

7, It helps to increase in memory and brain functions.

8, It contains CLA (CONJUGATED LINOLENIC ACID) which proves to be helpful for weightloss, especially belly fat.

9, It is very beneficial for slowing down the progress of cancer in the body & prevents heart diseases

10, This ghee melts at 37° celsius,whereas our body temperature is 37.2° celsius,,,it means it is easily absorbed in the body,,,while other commercial ghee melts at appx 40° degree Celsius or above which results in increasing blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol in the body.

11, Gir cow ghee is also very useful for making different ayurvedic medicines.

12, It is useful in problems like piles, fisher and fistula.

13, Gir cow ghee enhances immunity and growth for children.