Welcome to the world of community-made in India
Welcome to the world of community-made in India
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Soft Toys

Every child needs a toy to play and know the world it is coming into. And what better than these soft cotton and acrylic material playmates, handmade with love and care for your little one. Something soft to touch and hold, something colourful and safe to hold, something fun to play with or hear the sound of, something to find alphabets and figures to learn...we all want the best products for our children. 

This collection is just what you want for your little ones, soft toys, hand puppets for the pram or cradle, and lots of friends from another world. 

Handmade with love and alot of care to ensure that your child is safe and free from any trouble. 

Made by local village women in Uttarakhand and resource poor women in Punjab, these directly support community livelihoods.

If you want to gift these toys as back presents, we can provide bulk and we may even be able to customise if your child has a favourite character. Write to gestures.kriti@gmail.com for more.