Our Diary 2021
Our Diary 2021

Our Diary 2021

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December 2019 to December 2020...a year goes BYE! 

A new year is around the corner and with everything that is unfolding, there is uncertainity all around
Real life and bubble lives...
Real challenges and labouring lives...
A new year is around the corner and many are #workingfromhome
Street life and struggling lives...
Offline life and online lives...

OUR DIARY 2021 will bring hope for all of us to continue challenging, creating, collectivising to make it a healthy, happy, secure, just and peaceful world.

Note: The diary will be on the stands by the first-second week of January 2021 only with your pre-booked orders. The Kriti team decided to not give up on this production even though it has and continues to be a challenging year for us all.

This cost is inclusive of postage in India. Discounts available for bulk orders over 100 copies and customisation with organisational/ company logo, etc. possible.

Different costs apply for international orders.

Please write to space.kriti@gmail.com for any queries